HNT: The Rules of the Game


The rules of the game are absolute.

Discard your inhibition.
Cast your boundaries aside.
Immerse yourself in pleasure’s infinite variety.
Embrace your carnal hunger.
Dive into your insatiable greed.
Take what you want.
Give what I need.

Are you ready?
It’s time to begin.

(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players…)

  1. A. Secret 2010.05.13 12:39am

    Sexy straddle sexy thing.

  2. 13messages 2010.05.13 12:59am

    You look so dangerously sexy here.

  3. Supercock 2010.05.13 1:21am

    Quite simply… WOW!

  4. Osbasso 2010.05.13 1:47am

    I don't know if I'm ready, but let's give it a shot!

  5. The Muffin Fan 2010.05.13 2:27am

    Beautiful words. Stunning picture. Damn! Every line, every shadow, is perfect. Erotic. Sensual. Powerful.

    You are living, breathing sex goddess, showing us mere mortals how it's done. 🙂

  6. Vixen 2010.05.13 4:05am

    13 messages said it best…

    *dangerously sexy*


  7. pathofpassion 2010.05.13 6:10am

    Love the rules and what a fantastic erotic picture 😉


  8. Kevin Lomax 2010.05.13 11:02am

    WoW! This is quite *gulp* yourself! 😉

  9. James 2010.05.13 11:47am

    Very sexy. HHNT

  10. Rex Venom 2010.05.13 12:20pm

    The story set forth.
    Are You Sitting Comfortably?
    Then Let's Begin.
    Rock on!

  11. Crystal Girl 2010.05.13 12:23pm

    Damn SEXY…we're all ready now!!!!

    You are soooo hot sweetie…mmmm

    xoxo, Crystal

  12. The Panserbjørne 2010.05.13 1:21pm

    I'm sorry, ma'am, but I'm afraid I have to cite you for health code violations. This photo produces dangerously high levels of radioactivity. This sort of thing is commonly described as “nuclear hot”. That is, if there were anything at all that was common about this. It's exquisite.

    Happy HNT to you!

    — PB

  13. Bunny 2010.05.13 1:57pm

    Love the picture! HHNT!

  14. Southern Sage 2010.05.13 2:17pm


    I don't know who was doing the rating but from 1 to 10 that is at LEAST a 47.


    The rules are absolute? What is absolute is that that is damn damn damn sexy right there.

  15. Green Eyed Frenchy 2010.05.13 2:33pm

    I don't know how you do it, just WOW!

  16. the eternal list 2010.05.13 3:30pm


    i'm so glad you're a cult member now



  17. Genevieve 2010.05.13 8:32pm

    Oh I don't think I am ready, I must catch my breath! Wow.

  18. Hubman 2010.05.13 11:48pm

    I'm ready, count me in!


  19. Elle 2010.05.14 2:52am

    Ohhh, how sexy! Lovely legs!

  20. Jobthingy 2010.05.14 1:07pm

    yep. im in. wow!


  21. Joanna Cake 2010.05.14 3:18pm

    That's a fabulous shot! HHNT x

  22. Just A. Girl 2010.05.14 4:44pm

    Hot words and hot photo too!!

  23. figleaf 2010.05.14 5:36pm

    Ooh, this is a fun one, Minx. Nice colors, nice clothes, really nice muscle tension…

    Happy belated HNT,


  24. southerngirl 2010.05.14 6:08pm

    beautiful lighting (and subject…)


  25. Jen Fooled Around 2010.05.15 10:15am

    wow.. that is gorgeous. What a great shot. Those legs just go on forever.

  26. MinorityReport 2010.05.15 4:26pm

    I need to pick my jaw up from the floor…

  27. Emmy 2010.05.15 11:39pm

    Gonna add my own “WOW” to the sea of them. Damn, lady, you look quite hot there! 🙂

  28. Cheeky Minx 2010.05.16 1:32am

    Thank you all for your gorgeous comments.
    I am basking in the yummy glow… (sigh) xxxx

  29. ChexMate 2010.05.16 3:37am

    Bloody Hell! I'm new to your blog but will certainly return…. great pic and thanks for sharing!


  30. Cheeky Minx 2010.05.17 12:22am

    Thank you ChexMate, and welcome! I look forward to seeing you around…

  31. unbridledesires 2010.05.17 8:55pm

    No inhibitions…
    No boundaries…
    Pleasure's infinite variety…

    Could satisfy my insatiable greed?


  32. Cheeky Minx 2010.05.19 10:45am

    Could I satisfy your insatiable greed, unbridledesires? Hmmm… (thinking, thinking, thinking) … 😉

  33. Easily Aroused 2010.05.21 1:09pm

    I adore this image, Minx: the composition, the light and shadows, the hue, the grain, and, most importantly, your delectable form. You've been lifted from the pages of a slow-burning tale of noir and sensuality, the very sort of tale I'd love to lose myself in….


  34. Cheeky Minx 2010.05.22 1:34am

    Your delicious words of praise are making me swoon, EA. Thank you.

    And by all means, lose yourself…

  35. HEDONE 2010.07.18 1:45pm

    OMG! This made my head swim.


  36. Cheeky Minx 2010.07.21 2:33am

    Thank you, H, thank you… 😉