HNT: Shiver

He takes her by surprise, so much so she needs to steady herself against the wall, the warm, newly showered body now shivering as it meets the chill of the stucco.

From below, his large commanding hands explore the arch of her back and the thin band of black satin across her hips before cupping, possessing then spreading the blushing cheeks to burrow face, nose, lips, tongue into her softness, kissing, licking, slurping, seeking out her juicy essence, gorging on the plump pinkness, savouring the shocks of pleasure progressively weakening her knees.

Rising to his feet, impatience finally breaking over his sweaty naked flesh, he spins her round to face him. For a brief moment, eyes roam and absorb the damp tousle plastering her neck, the rosy nipples beckoning for attention, the arms stretching out wide, at once bracing and inviting. But as the throb in his groin snaps back his attention, he lifts her slight body, breathlessly nudges the soaked g-string aside and in one mouth-watering thrust impales her with his thick, pulsating cock as his greedy mouth swallows the sweet moans of affirmation.



(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players…)

  1. Osbasso 2010.05.05 11:10pm

    I think you win the “Best Erotica” award. Damn, you do write well!

    And you've mastered the click-through!! You must be a great student!

  2. Crystal Girl 2010.05.06 12:21am

    DAMN…. write well, is an understatment…. OH MY GODDDDDDD..
    Baby you so got it going on!!!

    xoxox, Crystal

  3. 13messages 2010.05.06 12:48am

    Such eloquence and beauty in what you share with us. Thank you for that.

  4. southerngirl 2010.05.06 2:40am

    Could you be any fuckin' hotter??? Methinks NOT.

    Scrumptious lovey!!


  5. James 2010.05.06 11:39am

    Great pictures, very intriguing, and they go great with your writing. HHND

  6. Southern Sage 2010.05.06 1:35pm

    Sounds delicious. Looks excellent.

    Always so damn sexy.

  7. the eternal list 2010.05.06 3:21pm

    cheeky, you are quickly becoming my favorite person in the world

  8. Vixen 2010.05.06 4:03pm

    I'm with Os. You have erotica down to a T. And the pics are just insanely fantastic. LOVE that first pic!!!


  9. Genevieve 2010.05.06 5:51pm

    Such hot writing and sexy photos! Happy HNT.

  10. Rex Venom 2010.05.06 10:34pm

    Those words and those pics…
    Powerful sexy
    Rock on!

  11. Sexie Sadie~ 2010.05.07 12:27am

    Wowza! I think I'm wet.



  12. Elle 2010.05.07 2:35am


  13. Ms Scarlett 2010.05.07 3:22am

    Seriously… you just KILL me with your HNT posts… amazing writing, stunning pics… you never fail to elicit a response!


  14. unbridledesires 2010.05.07 2:10pm


    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Kevin Lomax 2010.05.07 7:12pm

    Oofff: that's some delicious hot body! And perfect pics!

  16. Barefoot Dreamer 2010.05.09 5:57am

    take all the comments up there and add Wow!

  17. The Muffin Fan 2010.05.12 11:09am

    The words and the picture have me quivering with desire. Beautiful, Fantastic, and Breathtaking!

  18. Supercock 2010.05.13 1:39pm

    Could dial a phone with those, or maybe take someone's eye out!

  19. Dewey's System 2010.05.17 6:35pm

    Begs to be kissed, to be licked, and so much more

  20. Cheeky Minx 2010.05.19 11:24pm

    Ooh, how remiss of me for failing to thank you all for your gorgeous comments!

    A special thank you to Os for my clicky lesson. I think I did good, Teach!

    (And Dewey, you are becoming cheekier by the day… 😉 )