HNT: Wanton Woman

Looming large over his pliant little toy, he contemplates her fate, relishing the dominance that has torn its way through his skin like a ravenous animal, instantaneously taking his stiff ready cock to dripping and diamond-hard.

Captivated by her wanton display, her chest rising and falling with each sharp intake of the thick, pungent air filling the room, the damp black silk between her splayed thighs somehow glistening in the low light, he struggles with the intense need to touch her fair skin and mark it as his own, to maul and paw and finger her to a loud, thunderous height, sinking the digits slippery with womanly nectar into her mouth to suckle and cleanse, joined shortly after by his throbbing rigid shaft.

For the moment, he resists giving in to her. And himself. Leaning in, he inhales the scent of his prey, nose hovering over the line from neck to collarbone to shoulder, his flesh at an almost painful remove from her own. In a voice hoarse with barely contained desire, he outlines precisely how he will make her wait, the craving to see her long and hunger and beg even greater than his own immediate carnality.

Kneeling between her legs and roughly shredding the flimsy fabric concealing her modesty, he tells her this delayed gratification will force her to confront her own darkness, the unspeakable acts she has only ever contemplated alone in the shadows, the insatiable vampiric lust for the meat of men in all its variety, the unrelenting, cunt clenching necessity to both possess and submit.

And as he moves up along her sex, branding his own body with the liquid heat of her passion, he knows, without doubt, this night will ultimately compel her to honour the alluring woman at the heart of this sexual multiplicity.

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  1. Tepid 2010.04.29 12:57am

    l-o-v-e-l-y writing! and i love the sharp contrast on either side of your SCM. gorgeous artistry there!

  2. Osbasso 2010.04.29 1:00am

    Much better than slam, bam, thank-you ma'am!

  3. James 2010.04.29 1:07am

    waiting is very sexy, and so is your pic. HHNT

  4. Ms Scarlett 2010.04.29 1:57am

    Your writing seriously kills me. And that pic…

    Just wow.


  5. 13messages 2010.04.29 4:28am

    You're so amazing. From those sizzling words to your stunning beauty, I thank you.

  6. Crystal Girl 2010.04.29 12:43pm

    Here's to one saucy wench from another saucy wench.

    Sexy thing! xo, Crystal

  7. The Panserbjørne 2010.04.29 1:18pm

    It's almost painful when the wanting gets that intense. Every moment to be savored, but the pull and pulse so in time with your own heartbeat make it difficult.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely scenario…and your lovely self.

    — PB

  8. Vixen 2010.04.29 1:53pm

    *sigh* Intensely erotic. Adore this angle.


  9. Southern Sage 2010.04.29 3:11pm

    ohhh very erotic, and the pic is delicious.

  10. Genevieve 2010.04.29 6:25pm

    Such sexy writing, very hot photo! Happy HNT!

  11. Emmy 2010.04.29 10:24pm

    Such an amazing image for that story! Quite hot – both you and the story! 🙂
    Happy HNT!

  12. Barefoot Dreamer 2010.04.30 12:37am

    dang – ummmm , wow.

  13. the eternal list 2010.04.30 3:24am

    your words are making me wet

  14. Kevin Lomax 2010.04.30 5:42pm

    Great HNT's! And I'm sure you can count at least to 999… 😉

  15. Mr. Smith 2010.05.01 4:59am

    Wow. I like u.

  16. Autumn 2010.05.01 2:44pm

    that was absolutely beautiful. love the words, LOVE the picture also. your blog was pointed out to me lately and i'm so glad i stopped by to take a look.

  17. Elle 2010.05.03 12:24am

    *fans self*

    Wow. Hot.