HNT: Bind

5_Wall_VIOn this night, the ties that bind are makeshift, fashioned from a narrow black patent leather belt worn by her earlier in the day. In no mood for trifling, he crudely straps her slender wrists together hoping for immediate signs of his force on her creamy skin as he positions her against the wall.

She is just as he wants her, just as he wants to gaze upon her while considering the infinite possibilities of her defilement. Scratching the muscular abdomen through the gap in his shirt, he moves up close to begin staking his territory, his touch shifting from unnervingly light to achingly fierce – the tips of fingers skimming her silky inner thighs; his stubbled chin scrapping along curves and swells; the full-lipped mouth kissing and licking; sharp teeth biting and marking; his deep, deliberate breaths consuming, guzzling, savouring the sweet, spicy essence of his willing victim.

Standing, trembling, her body is now a vessel of pure sensation, his darkness and light washing over her, sinking in and overtaking, ears filled with the rapid thud of her heartbeat, eyes blinded by the white hot beam of her lust. And while she is at his mercy, she knows submission affords its own unique power, tearing at the limits of her pleasure and her pain, at the boundaries surrounding her ordering mind.

She knows this in her very depths just as she is certain of the dilated pupils of his chocolate eyes, the fine mist covering his torso, the precum seeping from his thick hard uncut meat, fusing his desperately throbbing cock to his boxers. In the end, she knows the power it also holds over him, she also holds over him. And as he twines his fingers through her hair, leading her roughly to the bedroom, bound and possessed, she knows her acquiescence sets them both free.

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  1. Osbasso 2010.04.08 12:44am

    You seem to write like you know what you're talking about! 😉

  2. James 2010.04.08 1:37am

    that sounds wonderful and the picture fits perfectly. HHNT

  3. Tepid 2010.04.08 11:51am

    lovely pic, and the reading is a great way to start a morning!


  4. The Panserbjørne 2010.04.08 1:01pm

    What I find most entertaining about your HNT entries is not the lovely photos (although I surely won't say no to those!) but the way you always weave in a fascinating story to accompany said photos. I don't know of anyone else who does it that way. Bravo and happy HNT to you.

    — PB

  5. heelsnstocking 2010.04.08 2:31pm

    hmmmm that was a treat to read and you are so delicious to look at my dear x

  6. Crystal Girl 2010.04.08 3:35pm

    So hot!! I enjoyed reading it.

  7. His marie 2010.04.08 9:54pm

    A picture may be worth a thousand words, but your words gave depth that the photography alone could not convey. Beautiful, alluring photograph. Beautiful, sensual words. Loved the “eyes blinded by the white hot beam of her lust” and the closing sentence.

  8. Vixen 2010.04.08 10:34pm

    Those words, what you wrote…..WOW. Amazing…

    And that pic. *swoon* Erotic, sexy, beautiful. Love it.


  9. Genevieve 2010.04.09 12:03am

    A really sexy pose and I love the black and white effect. Beautiful.
    Happy HNT!

  10. Jake (of Facts and Friction) 2010.04.09 2:55pm

    I love your legs, especially in stockings!

  11. Cheeky Minx 2010.04.10 1:29am

    Os: Hmmm, I might! 😉

    James: Ooh, I'm glad to hear the two worked so well together for you…

    Tepid: Always happy to provide some morning filth, my dear! It's my favourite way to begin the day also…

    PB: I have to admit I love creating an interplay between the two. And I'm happy to hear you're enjoying it also. Thank you! 😉

    heels: Oh, wow, thank you!

    Crystal Girl: Thank you so much – it was great of you to stop by!

    His marie: Thank you! It makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside to know the words and the photo play against each other.

    And yes, there's something about being led to the bedroom in that way, isn't there?!

    Vixen: I take the ability to make you swoon as the highest praise, gorgeous lady! Thanks again for my inclusion in your 'Friday Favourites'. xx

    Genevieve: Thank you so much, lovely!

    Jake: My pins, both natural and stocking-clad, send their warmest thanks!

  12. Southern Sage 2010.04.10 2:03am

    awesome pic. Very very sexy.

  13. Cheeky Minx 2010.04.11 8:15am

    Ooh, thank you very much Sage…

  14. rammie 2010.04.12 10:06am

    stunning very sexy and love the glimpse of your nipple x

  15. Cheeky Minx 2010.04.13 12:07am

    Thank you for the compliment and for stopping by Rammie…