Nineteen Words

She has read his words several times over in a vain attempt to regain her breath, her composure, her sense of this time and place and the intensity suddenly spiralling wildly through her body.

Unfolding before her, they paint a vivid picture of his emerging desire and hardening flesh as well as the craving to plunder her mouth, cunt and the very essence of her desiring force.

She recognises his carnal drives, and the shadows in which they often seem to lurk, in an instant. In them she sees her own, rising up, taking over her rational mind and needy form as his cock and beautiful face and body become the centre of her own sexual imaginings.

But there is something more in him, something that already sets him apart, something he encapsulates in a short string of simple words. These words, innocent and benign in their own right, have been placed together by him in a way that tears open her sexual soul.

The thoughts and feelings that assail his mind in the dead of night and the obscenely early hours of the morning as he strokes himself, smearing the precum dripping from his swollen head, circulate around her. Her wants, her needs, her obsessions. And the very things she hasn’t experienced but will one day grow to love, will one day be unable to live without. The very things he can give her, take from her, as master, as slave, as man, as lover.

And because no one has ever dared express a yearning to know her in such an intimate and yet primal way, to delve into the depths of her darkness and her light, she undresses in front of the screen, her naked form illuminated by the artificial glow, and begins her exploration with his words as her witness.

  1. Anonymous 2010.03.24 2:34am

    what were those words, i wonder…so benign, and yet, not…


  2. Cheeky Minx 2010.03.24 4:37am

    Anonymous, I couldn't possibility reveal the intimate words of the gentleman in question. Besides, isn't it rather fun to wonder… 😉

  3. The Panserbjørne 2010.03.24 1:22pm

    Utterly fascinating, isn't it, how words can be so powerful and so primal when put together in just the right way? One wonders if he was similarly inspired by your own words. I'd say it's quite possible.

    — PB

  4. Cheeky Minx 2010.03.24 10:59pm

    Words, words, words – I still marvel at their erotic and powerful hold.

    I certainly hope he was just as inspired PB…

  5. Rex Venom 2010.04.26 5:03am

    It is because the Words are only the agreed upon hints to describe the truths of our need and hungers! mmmmm.
    So succulent.
    Rock on!

  6. Cheeky Minx 2010.04.26 12:11pm

    Oh yes, the wonderment that words can only begin to describe eventually needs to be told by the desiring body…

    I'm happy you found the fashioning of my words to your liking, Rex!