HNT: One

This is a first. Of sorts.

He has seen this lingerie and dress before, but never in the flesh, never up close on my bed in the light of day.

Desiring eyes momentarily drive my nervousness away as I lie on my side, the fabric bunching around my thighs, his hand travelling along my legs, taking in the texture of the denim, the silkiness of the lace, the soft swell of my breast.

Smiling hungrily, he reaches back, producing the camera, small and light, beginning once again with the very form that brought us together.

“Don’t be shy,” he tells me. “Show yourself.”

But words seem to fail me. There are merely two circling my mind.

Be gentle…

1_Bed (WP site)(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players…)

  1. Curvaceous Dee 2010.03.11 9:39am

    Welcome, Minx! *waves from across the ditch* Great HNT 🙂

    xx Dee

  2. Laura 2010.03.11 10:26am

    Hello, from another newbie!! I love this shot, love the uniqueness of the angle. Is uniqueness even a word? Anyway…very lovely…What a way to start!!

  3. Vixen 2010.03.11 3:11pm

    Absolutely sexy and lovely! Welcome!!

  4. April 2010.03.11 3:20pm

    Today is my first HNT, too!

    Great job! Very, very sexy.

  5. Osbasso 2010.03.11 3:34pm

    Welcome to HNT! You've taken the hardest step. The rest is easy from here!

  6. The Panserbjørne 2010.03.11 3:40pm

    Welcome, welcome to the ranks! As you can see, you've got plenty of approval for your first contribution.

    It hardly need be said that I approve too. Such a beautiful shot. 🙂

    — PB

  7. the eternal list 2010.03.11 4:50pm

    you are beautiful

    welcome to the hnt party…

  8. Southern Sage 2010.03.11 6:27pm

    Awesome. Very sexy. Welcome, hope you play again and again!

  9. Loverboy 2010.03.11 11:31pm

    Happy HNT~!

  10. Genevieve 2010.03.11 11:59pm

    Welcome to the fun! Cool shot. Happy HNT!

  11. Barefoot Dreamer 2010.03.12 2:42pm

    lovely, simply gorgeous

  12. Hubman 2010.03.12 3:02pm

    Don't worry, we're a very gentle group here in HNT-land! Welcome 🙂

  13. Elle 2010.03.12 4:41pm

    YOU are gorgeous. Nothing to feel nervous or worried about, that's for sure!

  14. Cheeky Minx 2010.03.13 12:15am

    Dee: Thank you Dee – I feel honoured you stopped by! Hey, I think I can see your place from across the harbour. *Big wave*

    Laura: Hello fellow newbie! Uniqueness is a word and I more than gladly accept it. Thank you!

    Vixen: I am positively swooning at such praise from the mistress of photographic beauty and sexiness! Thank you for dropping by.

    April: Thank you April – it's great to be in your first-time company!

    Os: I thank you kind sir! I am well and truly hooked and already dreaming up more HNT possibilities!

    PB: Dear friend, thank you, thank you… 😉

    Eternal: Oh my, thank you… *Blush rising* Do you think I could put that on a T-shirt?!

    Sage: And this might just be the candidate for the back of that T-shirt, thank you! I have a feeling I'll be back to play very soon…

    Loverboy: Thank you my fellow antipodean!

    Genevieve: Lovely of you to stop by, thank you!

    Barefoot Dreamer: Thank you – that means a lot coming from a woman and photographer of your stature…

    Hubman: I'm feeling very welcome indeed, thank you Hubman!

    Elle: High praise from a stunning beauty such as yourself! With everyone's supportive words, the nervousness is fading by the minute. Thank you…

    Thank you all for the very warm welcome! I will definitely be playing again… 😉

  15. James 2010.03.13 5:09am

    Welcome to HNT. Great start.

  16. Cheeky Minx 2010.03.13 9:52am

    James: Thank you! And lovely of you to drop by…

  17. pathofpassion 2010.03.14 2:26am

    Well this is absolutely a lovely entranne on the HNT scene.

    Great shot 😉


  18. Cheeky Minx 2010.03.14 8:46am

    BM: Thank you for saying so! I hope I continue to delight…

  19. The Muffin Fan 2010.05.16 12:04pm

    So beautiful. Elegant. Sexy. I am lost within the curve of your bosom. The weavings of your words. The mystery of your mind.

    Enchanted by Wonder.

  20. Cheeky Minx 2010.05.17 1:00am

    Muffin Fan, you do realise your compliments are making me swoon?! 😉

    Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it. Funnily enough, this will be making an appearance again this week (in reworked form) for HNT's 5th anniversary.