I am any woman. I am every woman. I am the here and now. I am breath and flesh and heat and skin, curves, softness, pulsating wetness. I am the body he needs to feel again.

I am any woman. I am every woman. I am the vessel he desires. I am craving, I am want. I am alive, I am connected, universal and unique.

I am any woman. I am every woman. I am momentary, temporary, I am forever and a day. I am complexity, simplicity, sensual and animal.

I am any woman. I am every woman. I am my own woman. I am free.

  1. Fantasia Lillith 2010.01.04 9:24pm

    I am alive …

    wonderful prose. I felt the energy like a tribal drum…

  2. Cheeky Minx 2010.01.05 2:43am

    Thank you Fantasia! I was hoping it would speak to the sisterhood…

  3. The Panserbjørne 2010.01.05 4:32pm

    It may speak to the sisterhood, but it speaks to the brotherhood as well, in quite a different way.

    How any man could fail to be awed by a woman who is fully, uniquely herself like this — how any man could ever think of women as just objects, instead of strong, powerful figures in their own right — is a concept I just can't figure. She is Woman, hear her roar.

    And you are all Woman.

    — PB

  4. Cheeky Minx 2010.01.05 10:14pm

    I am very glad it spoke to you just as strongly PB.

    As I was writing it the Helen Reddy song “I am Woman” began to play in my head. My, how she roars in that fabulous feminist anthem!

    And thank you for the lovely compliment…

  5. The Panserbjørne 2010.01.05 10:17pm

    I was thinking of Maya Angelou's “Phenomenal Woman“, myself. The Reddy tune is a good one too!

    — PB

  6. Cheeky Minx 2010.01.05 10:29pm

    The “I am woman, hear me roar” is straight out of Reddy. (And since she's an Aussie, I have something of a soft spot for the song.)

    As for Maya Angelou, she is not merely woman (phenomenal or otherwise), she is goddess made material, whose words are, at once, of the spirit and the desiring body!