Lost and Found

To be lost in sensation, to be lost in the tangle of pleasure. To be lost in a sea of mouths and tongues and hands and arms and legs and cocks and searing skin and flesh. To be lost as we slip and slide and slither together, a delectably indiscriminate mass of pure abandon and pulsation. To be lost in the moment as one thick hard cock slides into my wet little cunt, one more into my tight pink rosebud, yet another through my lips into my hot eager mouth, two others enveloped in my excited hands. To be lost as we devour and consume, languid then insistent tongues tasting, drinking, hands and fingers stroking, mauling, taking, fucking. To be lost in the sounds of voracious desire, the sighs, the moans, the whimpers, the groans. To be lost in the frenzied, primal union of bodies, juices, sweat, saliva and come.

To be lost is surely to be found.

  1. The Panserbjørne 2009.12.30 2:42pm

    Why is it so powerful, the attraction of being swept away by a tide of pure sensation? How strong the attraction, to be drowned in a sea of abandon as demonstrated so aptly here?

    That last line echoes my own thoughts while I read this: “Why, she's not lost at all. She's found exactly what she wanted.” We should all be so lucky as to lose everything like this.

    — PB

  2. Cheeky Minx 2009.12.30 11:37pm

    The attraction of abandoning one's self to the moment, to sensation, to the needs of the desiring body is one that connects a good many of us. And yes, we all should be so lucky.

    Thank you for the kind words yet again PB.

  3. obsessed 2017.02.19 10:00pm

    it is moments of fantasy like this Minx where i envy the female form. Your openness to write the desire that many crave in silence through fear of judgement just one of the many things that makes you truly special. xxx

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.04.11 9:27pm

      That’s an incredible compliment – thank you, Obsessed.

      I hope other women find the courage to express their deepest, darkest desires. And if my words and presence have helped even one woman, I feel the last seven years can be seen as having a true and productive purpose.