Show of Hands

… And long, lean legs and soft, perfumed skin and naked, gleaming flesh…

Now that I have your attention, it’s your hands I truly crave. A show of hands, that is, for it’s voting season once again.

Until 7 October 2015, the lovely folks over at Kinkly are calling for your Sex Blogging Superhero votes. While I’m not one for a mask and cape – although the idea is certainly growing on me – I would dearly love for you to slip in your ballot if the taste of my cake is to your liking.

And once more, the gorgeous Sweet Rori from Between My Sheets is calling for nominations for the Top Sex Bloggers of 2015. With Rori’s call closing on 18 October 2015, you have a little time to consider all of your sex blogging favourites – you can find the list of mine on my ‘Links’ page. If you’ve enjoyed anything or all that’s been on offer here this year, I would greatly appreciate a show of support.

While 2015 has been something of a slower year for me as a result of wonderfully restorative and exciting overseas travel as well as everyday ups and emotional downs, I’m hoping to get back into the swing, with more erotica, more filthy words and deeds, more teasing self-portraiture. Just for you.

In the meantime, you have my warmest thanks in advance, sweet, sexy, pretty things…

~Minx x

Once Upon A Time

158_Once Upon A TimeOnce upon a time, his gaze studied every inch of my fair body, as if it were a wonder born in a bygone era, a curiosity fashioned from canvas and brushstrokes and oils, worthy of the gallery wall, the hungry crowd, deserving of his centre stage.

Once upon a time, his hands roamed with passion, urgency and fervour, as if these curves were chiselled from cold and unyielding marble, this skin and flesh brought to fiery life by desire and her sculptor, softening under his touch, melting on his lips and tongue, reaching and begging for his own thick hard need to claim them.

Once upon a time, he yearned to feel, devour, remember, the woman beyond this creation, the being beyond mere pixels on the screen.

 Slink in to see this week’s delectable players…